Rail cutter

It is suitable for drilling operation in railway construction and maintenance of railway transport system, it has rich types to satisfy the drilling needs of various working conditions, and the best type for you is chosen according to the hardness of processed materials, drilling equipment, the critical degree of working conditions.

Introduction of Carbide rail cutter

It is made of high-quality imported ultra-fine particles cemented carbide, with standard type and special type, has a variety of shanks, superior anti-avalanche edge performance and matrix strength; The special geometric cutter edge for rail has the advantages of small cutting force, high speed, good strength and sharpness in drilling, the diameter is from 18mm to 36mm, the depth is 25mm, 50mm.

Introduction of HSS rail cutter

It adopts railway dedicated high-speed steel, with two series: standard type, dry and wet type; it has several shank types, the patented geometry, cutting design of end teeth is stable and reliable. The diameter is from 13.5mm to 36mm, the depth is 25mm or 50mm

Introduction of Switchable rail cutter

The power and torque of its suitable equipment are enough to support it. Interchangeable blade design, the shank can be reused, it is suitable for high-rigidity equipment. The diameter is from 17mm to 36mm, the cutting depth is 25mm

Introduction of Solid rail cutter

Adopts special high-speed steel for rail, and is divided into two types: integral type and split type, has special heat treatment technology, optimized end tooth geometry, longer cutting life and higher efficiency, diameter from 6mm to 27.5mm, depth of 25mm, 50mm

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