Xinxing blood donating passes on the warmth of winter


On the afternoon of Nov. 22, ZhejiangXinxing tools Co., Ltd organized staff voluntary blood donation activity.


There was a femalevolunteer due to her small blood vessels.The first blood donation was not successfully,two medical staff constantly adjust the needle position, pain she frownedobtained very little effect. Thinking that this is life-saving blood, thevolunteer told the doctor to change another hand tocontinue the donation!


Look at the warmbloodslowly flowing into the blood bag, this is a bridge to build life hope.


This blood donation activityattractedtotal 52 donators, and the total amount of blood donation reached 15600 ml.There is a lot of blood donated, and our love is priceless. Xinxing’s blooddonation volunteers actively and enthusiastically donated blood, passed on hopewith their love, and transmitted positive social energy with action!

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