XinxingToolswon National Honor again-National Manufacturing Industry Individual


When the wind blows the wheat wave, every one feels a lot of joy in it.In this jubilant harvest day, Zhejiang Xinxing tools Co., Ltd. won the title of"National Manufacturing Industry Individual Item Champion DemonstrationEnterprise", and we continuously witnessed the champion statusof Xinxingtool in the steel plate drilling industry.

Opportunities have always been left to those who are prepared. Xinxingadhering to the spirit of craftsman, has been adhering to innovation andtechnology, quality improvement.In the processingfield, down-to-earth, we are dedicatedin research, deep cultivation and fine work, continue to improve our quality; andhas been committed to the production, research and development ofhigh-performance cutting tools, pursue efficiency between millimeters.

The "National Manufacturing Industry Individual ItemChampion" is a national-level selection activity organized by the StateMinistry of Industry and Information Technology and the China Industrial andEconomic Federation. Its specifications and standards are extremely high. Itrequires the enterprises shall be in the first place in the domestic sector andthe top 3 in the world.

Therefore, it can be seen that the Manufacturing Industry IndividualItem Champion enterprise has the highest level of development and the strongestmarket strength in the global subdivision industry. It reflects the enterprise’sleader role of manufacturing industry and the overall industry, and is theleader of "made in China".

Xinxingtools won the "Zhejiang invisible champion" in 2016 and now won the"National ManufacturingIndustry Individual Item Champion Demonstration Enterprise", which is the interpretationof all Xinxing people's spirit of down-to-earth and keeping on progress, and atthe same time, it cannot realize without the joint efforts of all respectedleaders and our partners.

Lookingback in the past 26 years, in addition to the champion positionin steel platedrilling, rail drilling field, Xinxing tool also enjoys the industryreputation, and is widely praised by customersin hole saw, magnetic seat drill,countersink drill, deep hole drill, solid carbide tools and other products.

In 1993:Our company has developed “multiple-cutting-edge steel plate drill”to fill the domestic blank

In 2003:The “multiple-cutting-edgesteel plate drill” is recognized as a "National Key New Products"

In 2005:“Multiple-cutting-edge steel plate drill” isincluded in the "National Torch Plan Project".

In 2007:The R & D center is recognized as the"provincial high-tech research and development center".

In 2008:According to the new standard, it is recognized as "nationalhigh-tech enterprise"

In 2010:Our company is identified as the keyhigh-tech enterprise of the National Torch Plan

In 2013:State-level units that abide by contractsand pay close attention to credit

In 2014:Zhejiang provinceinnovative demonstration enterprise

The companytechnology center is recognized as a provincial enterprise technology center.

In 2015:Jiaxing innovative enterprises (leadingenterprises in scientific and technological innovation).

In 2016:The Enterprise Research Institute has beenidentified as the Provincial Enterprise Research Institute.

Pilot Enterprisesof Management Innovation in Zhejiang Province

The first batch ofinvisible champions in Zhejiang Province

In 2017:Jiangjiang trademark brand demonstrationenterprise

DemonstrationEnterprise of "Machine instead of artificial" in Jiaxing City

In 2018:National manufacturing individual itemchampion

More than 100honors in total

Looking forward to the future, Xinxingtools will continue to work hard, will continue to devote great enthusiasm tothe manufacturing industry, firm faith, adhere to high-quality development, forthe shape of China's cutting tools industry to do a small part!

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